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Who’s Curt Shilling Anyway?

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on September 11, 2008

“Bitter” and “miserable”.  The judgment of reason has been delivered on the people of New York.  And it does not seem very good.

Then again, it’s coming from the arrogant Curt Schilling, who expresses his outrage when New York football fans like their chances this year given the injury of Tom Brady, quarterback for the arch rival New England Patriots.  I’ve never heard Schilling complain against Red Sox fans who cheer when Rodriguez gets hit by a pitch in Boston.  In that situation, I honestly prefer to be bitter and miserable, rather than a real imbecile.

It strikes me that Schilling would promote himself as the grave digger of the New York Yankees dynasty when he’s only wearing two World Series rings – compare that to Derek Jeter, Schilling.  I’m a lucid Yankee fan – more on this when the Yankees miss the playoffs – and certainly not a Rodriguez apologist – see this – but  nothing makes me more furious than the contempt of millionaires who only exist – sometimes – thanks to fans and nothing else.


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