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The “New Yorker” votes for McCain

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on July 16, 2008

If you have to explain the satire and say over and over it’s only satire and not what you actually think, it must mean that this is pretty poor satire…  This is what one may feel in the latest New Yorker scandal, whose cover pictured Obama dressed as Bin Laden, along with his wife dressed as Rambo, in the Oval office, where an American flag is burning and a portrait of the United States’ enemy is placed in evidence on the wall.



Beyond this joke – which is not so funny – one may wonder what objectives the New Yorker is actually pursuing, if it is not promoting John McCain as the best candidate.  The caricature has forced Obama to repeat once again that he is not a Muslim and that he was raised in a Christian environment.  By saying this, once again, Obama is:

  1. Alienating Muslim Americans, who will start to feel that their religion is not an asset in U.S. political life.
  2. Likely to be targeted – once more – by the far right who will claim that only guilty men try to defend themselves.
  3. Obligated to get off message in order to fix this misinformation, while success is not at all guaranteed.


The New Yorker rarely impressed me given its inability to step away from ideology in order to take a pragmatic look at today’s political reality.  Would the election of a Democratic President set a dilemma for a paper which has not had much to offer in terms of ideas, these past seven years?  

This latest episode leads me to believe that America deserves a bit better.  The Obama-McCain dual is most certainly an image representing America at its best, but the media seems to be missing the point…




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