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West Wing made the right prediction

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on November 5, 2008

The theme of the “Mommy Problem” developed by the now-defunct television series West Wing has been stunningly relevant throughout this campaign — as discussed here.

But more broadly, the screenwriters pictured the race with a surprising lucidity. Slate made an interesting video on the topic, though it could have said a bit more about the comparison between John McCain and Arnie Vinick.


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Congratulations America

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on November 5, 2008

A display of democracy and resilience, the American way this time around…

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Subliminal Message

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 24, 2008

I think I have just figured out how Obama might just loose the coming November contest.

The Democrats have presented a McCain victory as George W. Bush’s third term in office, contrasting with an Obama victory, a symbol of rupture and an end to Washington politics, or so they claim.  However, by choosing  Delaware  Senator Joe Biden to complete his presidential ticket, Obama  has  given conservatives an  unusual opportunity to reverse roles.  Indeed, Fox News commentators have repeatedly compared this ticket to the Bush-Cheney ticket, in which the Vice President was chosen for his foreign policy credentials and experience, in order to balance the ticket.  In other words, continuation is an Obama victory in November.

Admittedly, the theory is a bit outlandish.  But the real point is that McCain, the maverick, the unexpected Republican who would be president, could actually be the man who will best stand for rupture with past political practices, given today’s turn of events.  The conservative brand has greatly suffered from the past eight years and would hugely benefit from a gamble, as risky as it may be.  This is why I stand by what I wrote here, back in February.  It’s really time to be good.

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Obama l’Européen

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on July 27, 2008

On peut tirer une leçon fondamentale du récent voyage d’Obama en Europe qui vient de s’achever: le candidat démocrate aurait représenté la figure idéale que le vieux Continent aurait choisi sans hésiter comme leader.  En effet, l’Europe aime cette grandiloquence, cette logique selon laquelle il suffirait de s’unir et s’embrasser pour résoudre le problème israélo-palestinien, pour contrer les ambitions nucléaires iraniennes, …

Mais un gros problème risque de se poser à l’Europe en cas de victoire d’Obama.  L’opinion publique dans le continent est restée sourde aux autres aspects, plus concrets, du discours de leur candidat préféré.  Qui a entendu Obama réclamer plus d’efforts de la part des Européens en Afghanistan?  On semble aussi ignorer les différences prononcées entre Obama et les positions traditionnelles de la diplomatie européenne au sujet de la question palestinienne.



Même si les Etats-Unis changeront de président en Novembre, leurs intérêts et leur détermination à agir n’évolueront pas.  En 1998, Bill Clinton n’avait pas hésité à bombarder l’Irak de Saddam Hussein qui refusait les visites des inspecteurs de l’ONU.  Mieux (ou pire) encore, c’est sous l’administration Clinton que Iraq Liberation Act, qui visait explicitement au changement de régime en Irak, a été voté.  Personne, en Europe, ne semble s’en souvenir.  On préfère opposer la présidence Clinton à la présidence Bush, alors que dans les faits, ce n’est que le contexte extérieur qui était diffèrent – du moins en apparence.  D’ailleurs, peu importe, après tout, si l’aveuglement de Clinton a permis à Al-Qaïda de se développer pour attaquer l’Amérique: les attentats du 11 septembre ont frappés les Etats-Unis suffisamment tard pour que l’Europe puisse détester Bush plutôt que Clinton.  Le Vieux Continent a décidément la mémoire très courte.  Mais il risque d’être déçu si Obama est élu.

Les dirigeants européens ne semblent pas dupes.  La prudence d’Hubert Védrine, invité de RTL vendredi matin, et celle de Robert Ménard, à l’émission On Refait le Monde vendredi soir, confirment qu’encore une fois, l’opinion publique européenne semble prendre ses souhaits pour des réalités.


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The “New Yorker” votes for McCain

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on July 16, 2008

If you have to explain the satire and say over and over it’s only satire and not what you actually think, it must mean that this is pretty poor satire…  This is what one may feel in the latest New Yorker scandal, whose cover pictured Obama dressed as Bin Laden, along with his wife dressed as Rambo, in the Oval office, where an American flag is burning and a portrait of the United States’ enemy is placed in evidence on the wall.



Beyond this joke – which is not so funny – one may wonder what objectives the New Yorker is actually pursuing, if it is not promoting John McCain as the best candidate.  The caricature has forced Obama to repeat once again that he is not a Muslim and that he was raised in a Christian environment.  By saying this, once again, Obama is:

  1. Alienating Muslim Americans, who will start to feel that their religion is not an asset in U.S. political life.
  2. Likely to be targeted – once more – by the far right who will claim that only guilty men try to defend themselves.
  3. Obligated to get off message in order to fix this misinformation, while success is not at all guaranteed.


The New Yorker rarely impressed me given its inability to step away from ideology in order to take a pragmatic look at today’s political reality.  Would the election of a Democratic President set a dilemma for a paper which has not had much to offer in terms of ideas, these past seven years?  

This latest episode leads me to believe that America deserves a bit better.  The Obama-McCain dual is most certainly an image representing America at its best, but the media seems to be missing the point…



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Clintons: A Sinking Boat?

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on January 27, 2008


It doesn’t look good, Hillary… Granted, the war is not over. Florida and Super Tuesday may save the day. But after her loss today in the South Carolina primary, it seems clear that the former First Lady is loosing her momentum, and extra efforts will be needed to turn this campaign around.

Anderson Cooper contributors made a great point tonight, on CNN: Like it or not, the Democrat Primary is not about race or gender, contrary to what Bill and Hillary have claimed repeatedly.  While it is true that one African American has won a primary in the past in South Carolina – Jesse Jackson – another lost – Al Sharpton.  There is no clear rule, but almost surely there were maneuvers to lower expectations on the part of the Clinton campaign – the oldest political tactic in the book.

The bottom line is that American people are much smarter than the Clintons think.  

First, gender and race play a very marginal role when it comes down to choosing between Obama and Clinton.  If anything, Clinton could have relied on the strong reputation of her husband in the African-American community, but she blew it.  And now she’s making this about race.

Second, thinking that people primarily rely on ethnicity to determine their choice is plain stupid.  Americans are dealing with real issues, related to the state of the economy and to poverty.  They want answers.

So maybe Hillary should ask Bill to shut up.  He’s not helping.  And she doesn’t look like she’s making history.  Bhutto, Thatcher, Meir and Gandhi look more unreachable than ever.

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