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Global Conundrum

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on July 10, 2008


This week’s Economist cover serves two purposes: 1) It shows that the British have a sense of humor after all (this is coming from a man who holds a French passport and should thus not be underestimated) and 2) describe the global disarray in which we find ourselves today.  Indeed, consider any single international institution.  No challenge it faces is a standalone question or is independent of a wide set of other issues related to another institution’s scope of action.

This debate emerges as the G8 meets in Japan.  This meeting has triggered additional critiques against the G8, considered as irrelevant in the wake of the rise of India, China, … and the rest of the world.  This criticism is founded.  But an often-advocated strategy, which consists in opening up the institution to new powers, may seem like common sense but is inappropriate in my opinion.  In fact, there is another school of thought. 

In fact, Edouard Balladur, Phillip Bobbitt and Jim Hoagland have all pled for a tightening of the G8 into a G2 or G3.  A strategy that would consisting in tightening the group around two or three key actors would yield more cohesiveness among a set of (more or less) homogeneous powers, and would allow greater discussions between different blocks, as other nations will find it advantageous to organize and find grounds for a coalition.


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