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Who’s Curt Shilling Anyway?

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on September 11, 2008

“Bitter” and “miserable”.  The judgment of reason has been delivered on the people of New York.  And it does not seem very good.

Then again, it’s coming from the arrogant Curt Schilling, who expresses his outrage when New York football fans like their chances this year given the injury of Tom Brady, quarterback for the arch rival New England Patriots.  I’ve never heard Schilling complain against Red Sox fans who cheer when Rodriguez gets hit by a pitch in Boston.  In that situation, I honestly prefer to be bitter and miserable, rather than a real imbecile.

It strikes me that Schilling would promote himself as the grave digger of the New York Yankees dynasty when he’s only wearing two World Series rings – compare that to Derek Jeter, Schilling.  I’m a lucid Yankee fan – more on this when the Yankees miss the playoffs – and certainly not a Rodriguez apologist – see this – but  nothing makes me more furious than the contempt of millionaires who only exist – sometimes – thanks to fans and nothing else.


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What’s wrong with baseball (and the world) today

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on October 30, 2007


What would be worse on a Sunday night?  Watching the Red Sox win a World Series, or listening to a History Channel Documentary on Nostradamus that explains how we are all going to die?

Yes, I agree: Watching the Red Sox win, and thinking they’re so great, is probably worse.   And as if that wasn’t enough, we got a cherry on the cake, with Alex Rodriguez opting out of his contract, probably because he thinks he’s worth more $252 million dollars.  In his humble opinion, of course.

Question: Can anyone tell me what Rodriguez has achieved as a team member of the Yankees?  You can think about the big numbers and the solid regular season performances.  But you can’t think of the clutch play.  Because the truth of the matter is that Rodriguez is not a team player, is obsessive about his individual numbers – will he eeevvvver beat another humble player, Barry Bonds? – and can’t seem to understand that not winning a World Series and performing as poorly as he did in the post-season is a perfect failure.  Hank Aaron’s humility is a distant memory in this theater…

Rodriguez is by no means the only person responsible for the Yankees’ poor performance, but he’s certainly not helping.   In theory, Rodriguez thinks he’s a good-looking, popular hero.  In reality, he’s another talented self-centered athlete who has no idea what it means to be a winner.  That’s why he has never won and never will win a World Series. 

That’s why I’m grateful to the Yankee organization who has made it clear that Rodriguez will not be back in New York next year – maybe then we will have a chance of winning.  And an additional consolation resides in the fact that not many teams can contend for Rodriguez, but Boston can.  And if the Red Sox do sign Rodriguez, this bodes ill for their winning streak…

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