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9-11: Here’s a report no one will read or talk about…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 24, 2008

You will not read about it on conspiracy theory sites. You will even have a hard time finding the news on mainstream, credible newspapers. And you will certainly not find this video on YouTube, here. But here’s the title that the International Herald Tribune chose two days ago:

9/11 Building brought down by fire, not explosives, report says

Big surprise, right?

Yet again, it takes seven years, a whole lot of smart scientists and patient reading to actually understand what happened and debunk the most ridiculous theories in the history of mankind. But as we know, it is much easier to substitute a slogan – “9-11 is an inside job” – with some intelligent analysis. That is why such efforts – including the one I commented here also – are laudable because proving the obvious has never been so useful.


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Worst Dan Brown Ever!!!

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 9, 2006

So I just finished reading the latest Dan Brown, Deception Point.  Actually, it’s not the latest one, but just the latest book that came out in France.  And I’ve read better Dan Brown books before.



I’m guessing that it has become greatly fashionable to write a story with the President of the United States (given the sucess of 24, even after five seasons), and even more fashionable to write the story with people conspiring (even better if these include the president of the United States and high profile members of the government).  And you what?  I wonder why!!!

Nevertheless, this book is not to be read by anyone looking for a fun, entertaining experience…  You want suspense?  You want high people conspiring?  And getting killed?  And some pathetic love scene in the middle of Italy at the end of the book?  Then read Angels and Demons.  Of course, it’s not with the American President.  And I’ve heard that Dan Brown didn’t invent anything, since Gide wrote a thriller about the Vatican a long time ago (I have not read it yet, but it’s on my list).  And last but not least, don’t ever believe there is any thruth to his books, as many warn, including Taguieff (even though Brown always feels the necessity to quote factual comments at the beginning of each of his books).

But still.  It’s with the Pope, and trust me, you won’t guess the end of the story after page 152 (there are 500 + pages in the damn book!!!!) and keep on reading, just hoping for a last twist that never comes, just like in Deception Point (the idiot who buys the book ends up to be the only one who is deceited)…  And if you think the reviews the guy got for his book, trust me, they are lying also.  Maybe that’s also another conspiracy no one ever though of.

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