Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

Subliminal Message

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 24, 2008

I think I have just figured out how Obama might just loose the coming November contest.

The Democrats have presented a McCain victory as George W. Bush’s third term in office, contrasting with an Obama victory, a symbol of rupture and an end to Washington politics, or so they claim.  However, by choosing  Delaware  Senator Joe Biden to complete his presidential ticket, Obama  has  given conservatives an  unusual opportunity to reverse roles.  Indeed, Fox News commentators have repeatedly compared this ticket to the Bush-Cheney ticket, in which the Vice President was chosen for his foreign policy credentials and experience, in order to balance the ticket.  In other words, continuation is an Obama victory in November.

Admittedly, the theory is a bit outlandish.  But the real point is that McCain, the maverick, the unexpected Republican who would be president, could actually be the man who will best stand for rupture with past political practices, given today’s turn of events.  The conservative brand has greatly suffered from the past eight years and would hugely benefit from a gamble, as risky as it may be.  This is why I stand by what I wrote here, back in February.  It’s really time to be good.


2 Responses to “Subliminal Message”

  1. alcamadus said

    That’s definitely an interesting take on the current situation. It does seem like Barack is trying to hold on to two ideals at the same time: change and experience. Though, he is going to have a fun time trying to fight the experience war, especially with Biden as Washington’s age old oracles of the past. Bringing in a “broken vessel” into your campaign isn’t a good sign of change, but like usual they will spin it their way.

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