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by Jeremy G.

9-11: Here’s a report no one will read or talk about…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 24, 2008

You will not read about it on conspiracy theory sites. You will even have a hard time finding the news on mainstream, credible newspapers. And you will certainly not find this video on YouTube, here. But here’s the title that the International Herald Tribune chose two days ago:

9/11 Building brought down by fire, not explosives, report says

Big surprise, right?

Yet again, it takes seven years, a whole lot of smart scientists and patient reading to actually understand what happened and debunk the most ridiculous theories in the history of mankind. But as we know, it is much easier to substitute a slogan – “9-11 is an inside job” – with some intelligent analysis. That is why such efforts – including the one I commented here also – are laudable because proving the obvious has never been so useful.


5 Responses to “9-11: Here’s a report no one will read or talk about…”

  1. Smitty said

    But I have seen that video on Youtube, it’s posted by several diferent people. You probably should have checked before you wrote that (maybe you should sort by date added). I have also seen it on several “conspiracy” sites for the same reason that it’s not on the mainstream news very much – because the report is a complete sham! We’re supposed to believe that this is a completely unique and unprecedented event, but the case is closed, no further questions? Yeah right!

  2. Jeremy Ghez said

    The video was added on YouTube on August 26. I wrote my post on August 24.

  3. Boris said

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  4. ann said

    yeah a simulation on a computer will pgive a proof….
    show me on real bulding as tall and strong than the WTC that a plane can reduce a bulding into dust and then I might believe you

  5. Smurf said

    show that it can’t

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