Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.


Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 18, 2008

Here’s an initial disclaimer. You want to call Georgian President Saakashvili a hot head, a crook, a villain, America’s spoiled brat? Fine by me. As long as you recognize that he is certainly not Saddam and that Georgia is a democracy – although an ailing one in practice.

Once that this caveat is out of the way, I find that there is something profoundly disturbing in the fatalistic views of this war which conclude that the region in question is not part of America’s sphere of influence and any point of view that would say different is irresponsible. Does this mean that America should not care and give Putin a blank check? I would have a a hard time understanding such a surrender. In addition, this is not only America’s problem, but the West as a whole. Yesterday’s efforts to build democracy East of Europe is not a goal we should abandon only because it upsets Russia. We only need to have the capital to reach our goals.

That’s why I will admit, with no trouble, how furious Bush’s inability to act – due to his own mistakes and miscalculations in the past. Furthermore, talking to Russia should obviously not be off the table. That said, I still believe that letting autocracies prosper is a strategy that has proved disastrous in the past and will be in the future.


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