Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

And I’m not even sure Elvis is actually dead…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on August 18, 2008

Today’s interview of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröeder in Der Spiegel could almost be amusing if the situation was not so tragic.  Schröder seems to have taken on the role of Russian ambassador for good.  After all, the salary he’s receiving through Gazprom should buy the Russians at least some type of service!  But as the reader will see at the end of the interview, it’s not nice to participate in the global disinformation against the former Chancellor, so enough said – although some are saying a whole lot here, here and here for instance…

Again, I’m all for subtlety, especially in international relations which usually generates stories with complex sheds of gray.  But this tendency, especially in the European left, to applaud Russia’s rise without a word of concern about Russia’s autocracy and methods is more than disturbing.  The idea that two wrongs don’t make a right has never been more relevant today.


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