Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

Johnny Be Good…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on February 6, 2008



It looks good for McCain.  He just announced that he’s now hoping that mothers from his home state, Arizona, will be able one day to tell their children: “You’ll grow up to be President…”

If he does get the nomination, who will get the Vice-Presidency?  Rumors and speculation – as well as common sense, arguably – point to Huckabee: He’s young, much more conservative and probably much more appealing to the Conservative base McCain will have a hard time with.  Will this be enough for McCain to conquer the Republican Party?  Perhaps…  Some still seem to prefer Hillary though – probably because they’ll be more able to explain why they hate the President.


But a bit more chutzpah on the part of McCain would be appreciable.  Most Democrats claim today that eight years of Bush will make any Republican candidate look bad.  McCain should call them on their bluff, and show enough pragmatism to get on his ticket a Lieberman or a Bloomberg, and finally do things differently in D.C., and not just pretend.  Pragmatism, and a bit less ideology – that works also for the Left. 


One Response to “Johnny Be Good…”

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