Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

Wolfowitz’s history…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on May 18, 2007

Wolfowitz was doomed the day he was nominated at tha head of the World Bank.  At the time, I was amazed by the controversy this nomination suscitated at the time, among many brilliant economists, who are otherwise the best in their category.  Any pretext was good to discredit the man: He was not an economist, he was not from the private sector, he was a friend of Bush, … 

The World Bank is a profoundly political institution, like any other international institution.  Whoever argues the opposite is either naïve or dishonnest.  The institution could not be run by anybody else than a diplomat or at least an individual with strong knowledge of how political relationships work.  A little bit of decency in this debate, since the start, could have led the protagonist to call this fight what it really is: a political confrontation with the Bush Administration, and nothing else.  This time the confrontation was on international grounds, and gave the impression to some that they could cause the Bush Administration a direct blow.  There is nothing wrong with that, but using pretexts to acheive objectives is not right. 


Having worked at the World Bank, and having earned a World Bank wage, I know how ludicrous the accusations made against Wolfowitz and his girlfriend.  L’hôpital qui se fout de la charité, we say in French…  Furthermore, I also know how arrogant and presumptuous the members of the ethical committee of the World Bank, with whom Wolfowitz went head to head in the recent days.  Not only neocons act as if struck by divine truth. 

Funny thing about those neocons, by the way.  We always seems to predict their end over and over, and they always seem to bounce back again and again.  Damn lies and vicious rumors, those neocons?  Talk about masochism in this country…


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