Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

Golda, Margaret and perhaps Hillary…

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on May 10, 2007


I just wanted to pay a special tribute to women politicians, those of the days and some of current times.  Those women who conquered power, or might conquer power one day, displaying novelty and audacity in the political strategy they offered to their respective countries, in times of deep crisis – even though the different instances cannot be compared.

Their argument to obtain power did not solely reside in the fact they were females.  They had or have to fight to obtain political responsabilities, equal to equal, with men.  They were or are harshly criticized by other parties, and not just because politics is a mysoginist environment, but also because credibility and political projects are two closely related notions.

Without one, don’t cry because you don’t have the other.


One Response to “Golda, Margaret and perhaps Hillary…”

  1. […] So maybe Hillary should ask Bill to shut up.  He’s not helping.  And she doesn’t look like she’s making history.  Bhutto, Thatcher, Meir and Gandhi look more unreachable than ever. […]

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