Coward Old Universe…

by Jeremy G.

The Day After

Posted by Jeremy Ghez on May 6, 2007



So it’s Sarkozy…

In a speech he made thirty minutes after his victory became official, Sarkozy adressed several different issues, including his will to be President of all French people and his respect for his main competitor Ségolène Royal.   But one significant item that stood out of his speech was the rest of the world, what he called France’s allies in Europe and in America, as well as other nations that we tend to forget about, in Africa or in the Middle East.  Sarkozy mentioned those oppressed children and women throughout the world, and said France will not forget them.  This corresponds to an interesting turns of events, after an electoral campaign in which international issues were rarely discussed.

Is this a turning point in French history?  Will the French excutive stop recalling the great nation it heads without acting to actually show how great a nation France is?

Sarkozy was elected with a number of votes ranging from 18 to 20 million people.  He has the mandate to lead France towards modernity – finally.  I hope it is not an opportunity he will waste.


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